We use harvesting and forwarding complexes PONSSE and JOHN DEERE in the forest and Russian made trucks for logging. Road and bridges building brigades are equipped with CATERPILLAR and HITACHI machines. 


       At our log warehouse on the factory grounds we sort the logs with bark using 2mm step. We do not debark first, because bark does not grow very thick in the very cold climate of our region.

     We have 2 sawing lines, both of them made in Sweden, one for 2x cutting of diameter 10-16 logs with speed of up to 60 meters per minute, and the 3-4-5x cutting line for diameters 17-40 with speed of up to 80 meters per minute. We do not sort the green lumber, 100 pct of the cut goes kilning.


      We have 2 tunnels made by WSAB Finland with capacity of 320 cbm single load, and 6 chambers WSAB Finland with capacity of 150 cbm each. After kilning we sort the lumber according to saw falling standard and GOST 26002-83. We wrap up SF grade lumber in PECHORAWOOD branded multi-color plastic cover, and grade 5 and reject is wrapped up by grey plastic cover.

    We also produce planed lumber (2 or 4 sides), finger-jointed clears sort AB and C, profiled lumber per customer’s order and edge-glued sideboards. This production is done in the Finnish line. All wood waste - chips and dust – goes to pellet production. We produce 50 000 tonnes of DIN PLUS pellets per year. We can deliver pellets both in 15 kg plastic bags and Big Bags. We do both 6mm amd 8mm pellets.