Our core production company is called PechoraEnergoResurs. It was founded in 2007. It is a completely new company, built from scratch in one of the branded forest regions of Northern Russia – Komi Republic.

     The local place is called Troitsko-Pechorsk. It is situated on the banks of the second largest river in Russia - the great PECHORA RIVER - in the southeastern part of the Komi Republic. Troitko-Pechorsk district covers 40.7 thousand square meters and it’s population is around 20 000 people. First note about it dates back to 1674. The district has 33 inhabited areas: 1 town, 15 settlements, 4 villages and 14 country sides. It is a very cold area of Russia with sub-zero temperatures starting early October and ending early May.



            According to laws of Russian Federation, no company can own forests as private property. PechoraEnergoResurs has a long-term lease contract with the Russian State authorities to develop forest reserves on the territory of 168 000 hectars  with the yearly yield of  284 000 cubic meters.

             Conifers make up to 80% of our forests  with 2/3 sawlogs and 1/3 pulp wood. Birch and asp make up the remaining 20% and are mostly pulp wood.


          We are situated in a very remote area so there is no chance to get subcontractors for any job. Therefore we created a vertically integrated business, securing full control of all production stages ourselves:

 - forest harvesting in long-term leased plots;

-  logging by own truck fleet;

-  sorting, sawing and kiln-drying at own premises;

-  planing, profiling, and finger-jointing at own premises;

-  pelletizing wood waste;

-  shipping out from our own custom control terminal in sea containers, trucks and railway wagons to end customers in Russia and across the globe;

       January 14,  2021 The Ministry of Industry and Trade

of the Russian Federation signed an order on the completion

of the priority project in the field of logging and wood processing

by the production company PechoraEnergoResurs which is part

of the PechoraWood group.

          We are one of the few priority projects in Russia timber

      industry that were implemented in full.

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